The O2 group integrates best practices throughout our firm, at all levels of our services. A selection of our best practices follows:

Cultivate and Foster Relationships - The O2 group places high value on client relationships. We feel that strong relationships pave the way for better understanding of client goals and objectives throughout project conception, design, construction, and operation. We want to develop long-term relationships.

Flexibility and Design Proficiency - We are flexible and open to change during concept and design phases. The O2 group challenges the notion of architects as "technically challenged monument builders" through collaboration, flexibility, and expert attention to detail. Quality assurance is an integral part of our practice. Our Managing Principal reviews each project at each stage, prior to client submittal.

Communications - Listening to our clients is of utmost importance to the success of a project. Listening, combined with flexibility, creativity and problem solving skills, will improve every phase of the project.

Specialized Skills and Knowledge - Our wealth of experience and knowledge within our areas of specialization makes the O2 group a category authority, and will prove invaluable to the success of a project.

Business Skills - As a virtue of managing our business well, we manage our projects well, and conduct ourselves with integrity. The O2 group is competent in the management of client investments, through continual project cost analysis and time management.

Construction Knowledge - Diligent and consistent attention to relationships with contractors during the build phase will close the gap between client's expectations and the end product.

Manage Change - Regardless of how clear a client's vision, changes are inevitable. As expert problem solvers and communicators, the O2 group wants to minimize the stress and cost associated with changes and anticipate viable alternative solutions. We utilize processes that efficiently track changes and client approvals.